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The SLAM (Special Local Alarm Module)

Delphian infrared sensors, the GazTell and the SafeCAL feature an optional SLAM which adds 3 alarm relays plus a diagnostic relay to the sensor unit. SLAM allows users to control alarms, bells, fans, or "dump" switching at the troubled site without needing to wire in a remote controlling device. Relays can be latching or non-latching, energized or de-energized, normally open or normally closed. Alarm points can be either preset at the factory or can be reprogrammed on-site by users (for the SafeCAL with the SafePRO option).
SLAM can either be stacked in the conduit box behind the processor module or installed in a separate conduit box through a special SLAM Extension Kit.
By adding SLAM to your detector you can attach to alarms, bells or "dump" switching, enabling the sensor to trigger these devices directly at the troubled site.


SLAM.jpg (39012 bytes)
SLAM Wiring &
Relay Layout Drawing
The SLAM provides four form C (SPDT) local relays that can be operated by the detector head.   The SLAM Module connects to the interface or processor module via a seven pin, five wire cable with two female conntectors on each end.  
Delphian recommends that the SLAM be placed in its own conduit box.  In order to do so, a SLAM Extension Kit should be ordered.
Contact Delphian for the correct part number for the SLAM that you need.

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