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Quality Mission
Quality Commitment
The CAT never naps

Quality Mission
To exceed customer expectations.
A business exists for one primary reason: to create and maintain customers. For a business to sustain itself and grow it must meet customer expectations. Price alone, delivery alone, service alone, product alone is inadequate to meet customer needs. To be successful we must provide our customers superior value in all of these areas all the time.

Quality Commitment
To provide safe, effective and reliable products and services that perform as advertised, are free of defects, are delivered as promised and meet or exceed all stated and implied customer needs and expectations.
To continually reviewing and improving as well as maintaining the quality of the products and services we offer.
To develop and supply products that meet our employee's customer's and community's health, safety and environmental needs.
To prevent delivery to the customer of poor quality products or services.
To eliminate waste and cost added work in all areas.
To promote good internal customer service and a hassle free environment for its employees.
To a high standard of fairness and ethics in dealing with employees, its customers, its suppliers and its community.
To seek participation, involvement and contributions from all employees.
To continuous training of its employees so that their skills can be maintained and improved.

The CAT* never naps  (Computer Aided Testing)

Gas Detection demands exacting standards.
That's why EVERY Delphian product is subject to multiple inspections during the manufacturing process. Prior to being shipped to end users, each system is tested - with all components assembled and match-marked.

CAT allows for around the clock testing of our sensors and all other critical components. CAT enables literally hundreds of tests to be performed with a speed precision and accuracy not attainable with conventional testing methods. Systems are measured for their accuracy, linearity, speed of response, repeatability and other key functions. Not a single detection product manufactured by Delphian leaves our door without the approval of the CAT ... and our CAT never naps.

All Quality Control data is on file and readily available to our customers. Delphian products are FMRC (Factory Mutual Research Corp), CSA (Canadian Standards Association) or BASEEFA approved where appropriate, in many cases exceeding these standards. In fact FMRC has elected to use Delphian gas monitoring systems to protect their facility.

It makes good business sense to build defect-free products that perform reliably according to their design. Product failure not only means the loss of customers - but the loss of life. That's why we remain dedicated to providing our customers with the finest gas detection systems available.

Superior quality today means better protection tomorrow.

Glossary of Gas Detection Terms 

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