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RFI Filter


The filter is available in two materials:

Aluminum body 364-347-01
Stainless Steel body 364-347-02

To avoid corrosion, the material of the filter should be matched to the environment. Stainless steel is strongly recommended for off shore applications. The filter can easily be retrofitted to any sensor by connecting it between the transmitter housing and the conduit. The green ground (GND) wire should be connected to the conduit’s cable shield.

In most instances Delphian sensors are not affected by RFI/EMI. However, there may be a need for added RFI/EMI filtering in select applications where high noise levels and/or poor grounding are present. The Delphian filter offers an economical solution to solve many difficult interference problems caused by radio transceivers. The filter provides significant reduction of both common mode and differential mode noise across a broad frequency spectrum.


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