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Remote Calibration Module
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One person can calibrate your Delphian gas monitor alone.  Conventional gas monitors require two people with walkie-talkies, one at the controller to adjust zero and span and one at the sensor to apply calibration gas.  With Delphian's One Person Remote Calibration, zero and span adjustments are made at the sensor by the same person applying calibration gas.  This is achieved by installing a Remote Calibration Module.  
This module eliminates the need for an alarm override switch at the controller.  When one person calibration takes place, controller alarm circuits are automatically disabled.  False alarms are eliminated.  Approximately 45 seconds after calibration, alarm circuits are automatically re-engaged.  Alarms forgotten and left disabled in the override position are a thing of the past.
The module fits over the transmitter in the explosion proof housing.  See the zero adjust, span adjust, connection to transmitter and remote calibration meter plug-in sockets.
The remote calibration module can be factory installed or can be added to the standard Delphian system later.  Retrofit installation can be accomplished in the field in less than five minutes.  No changes are required at the controller and no wires or jumpers need to be cut.

A Sensor Extension Kit is available so that it is possible to calibrate a sensor installed in a difficult to reach or hazardous location without needing to be there yourself.  The Sensor Extension Kit allows the separation of the sensor from the transmitter up to a distance of 100 feet.  The kit contains an EXP junction box and all of the hardware and connectors (excluding the extension wires) required to remotely locate the transmitter at a distance of up to 100 feet from the sensor. The sensor is installed in the EXP junction box and plugged into the connector provided inside.  The EXP box and sensor a re mounted where needed for monitoring.  Extension wires are connected to the barrier strip provided in the EXP junction box and routed to the transmitter EXP junction box.  There they are terminated with an adaptor (supplied with the kit) that terminates with crimp connectors at one end and a socket that plugs into the transmitter at the other. Also required is a ported sensor (or ported adaptor for the sensor) and a remote calibration module for the transmitter.

Ported sensor
with dust cover
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