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Delphian offers three different style controllers, all of which are ready to install fully 
configured in either a Rack/Panel Mount Flexirack or Panel/Wall Mount Flexirack.

Micro Controllers
DC Controllers
Zone Alarm Modules
Sage-CE Computerized Gas Monitoring System
A gas detection controller has a simple job - to continually monitor a single point in space for combustible or toxic gases and give an alarm when an alarm condition exists. Our Micro and DC controllers perform that job simply and reliably. Up to 32 individual controllers can be mounted in a standard 19" rack space 7" high. Since sensor power is regulated in the transmitter module, little power is dissipated in the controller. No cooling fans are needed, even with dozens of controllers in a totally sealed box. Don't waste valuable control room space. Sealed relays are standard.


The Micro Controller is fixed installation single channel and slides into the Flexirack. It requires a compact one inch of panel space three and one-half inches high. It is a simple design with few parts there there is less that can go wrong. It is easy to maintain and repair. The controller uses a rugged analog meter and has LED indicators for power, fail, high and low alarms, full 100% RFI shielding and sealed relays.
Relays can be normally energized, or de-energized with manual or auto reset. The system operates from a nominal 24 Vdc power supply or 115 Vac. A 4 to 20 mA current output is standard with other outputs available.

Micro Controller Part Numbers


The DC controller is a smart two channel digital device which displays alarms and concentrations of the gas(s) to be sensed.
Each channel can be configured independently and unlike other controllers, the two channels are completely independent of one another.
Each channel provides three gas alarms, "LO", "HI", "HIHI" and a "FAIL" alarm for combustible and toxic gases. (For Oxygen deficiency detector heads, the gas alarms are "LO" "LOLO" and "HI".) Each channel has four relays which can be energized or de-energized on alarm. The system requires a nominal 24 VDC power supply. Different front colors are used depending upon the gas type.
When an alarm is activated:
• The display on the DC flashes between the gas concentration and the alarm words.
• The output relay changes state. The relay can be wired to operate external functions.
• For toxic gas sensors the controller will read in parts per million and for combustible gas detector heads it will read in % LEL. Oxygen sensors read in % gas.

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Glossary of Gas Monitoring Terms

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