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ZAMs save installation cost. No wiring is required to use ZAMs with the Flexirack mounted Delphian gas monitoring systems. External inputs require only a dry contact and a series resistor.
ZAMs provide special funcation contact outputs based upon the alarm status of one or more monitoring points in a zone. A zone is a user-designated group of points which could be:
* Up to 15 gas detection channels in a Delphian Flexirack
* External monitoring inputs (contact closures). These could be flame, smoke, or heat detectors.
* Any combination of both.

ZAMs can share a Flexirack with up to 15 gas detection controllers. They are field adjustable to monitor low, high and/or fail alarms from controllers in the rack, and/or contact closure inputs from other sources. Alarm relay outputs remain available from individual channels of Micro controllers even when ZAMs are used.
No external wiring is required to use ZAMs with Flexirack mounted Delphian gas detection systems.

CAM: Common Alarm Module
A CAM is a simple means to provide a relay contact transfer whenever any one alarm occurs in a zone. This "auxillary" relay automatically esets upon the disappearance of all alarms in the zone. a typical application is to trip a remote alarm to advise personnel to review the status of individual alarms.
A CAM can be used with up to 15 channels of gas detection in a Flexirack and with an unlimited number of external inputs.
VAM: Voting Alarm Module
A VAM provides a relay contact transfer when a specified minimum number of individual alarms occur in a zone. This "auxillary" relay is field selectable to be automatically or manually reset. Manual reset is done with a button on the VAM front panel or with a remote reset switch
A typical application is to avoid costly tranxient alarms by requiring a "vote" of two or more independent individual alarms before an expensive action is initiated (eg a halon dump or plant shutdown).
SAM: Sequential Acknowledgement Module
A SAM provides a relay contact transfer when any individual alarms occurs in a zone. When a SAM alarm occurs, it can be acknowledged (reset) even if the individual alarm still exists. Acknowledgement can be done with the button on the front panel or with a remote reset switch. Subsequent alarms in the zone will reactivate the SAM alarm and can be sequentially acknowledged.
A typical application is to sound a horn when an individual alarm occurs, then the silence the horn while the source of the individual alarm is investigated. Meanwhile the plant is still protected, since any new individual alarm will reactivate the horn.

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