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How to Specify a Delphian System

How to specify an Infrared Detector Head Standalone

1.  Delphian offers two infrared detector heads: 

  • the Determinator measures the percent of combustible gases 

  • the Remediator measures percent by volume of combustible gases. 

These detector heads consist of an interface module, a processor module, and a sensor in an explosion proof housing.
Choose either an aluminum or stainless steel sensor.

DETERMINATOR.jpg (14401 bytes) Infrared Detector Head Part Numbers
(complete: includes conduit box, interface and processor modules)
Determinator (combustible LEL) aluminum 364-850-01
(combustible LEL) stainless steel  364-850-02
Remediator (combustible % volume) aluminum 364-855-01
(combustible % volume) stainless steel 364-855-02

Consider the following options:

  • Splash/Dust Guard for severe environmental and operational conditions (part number 361-707-02).

  • Lightning arrestor where high-energy transient suppression is necessary.

  • SLAM (local alarm relay module) with relays for 3-gas alarms and one for fail. It connects to the Interface Module. The SLAM extension kit includes a separate explosion-proof housing .  A SLAM must be ordered separately with the sensor extension kit.

  • Reclamation Adaptor to allow the sensor to be mounted externally to a duct or area outside of the sensor's temperature range.

2. (See Step 7* ) Select an owners manual for each gas category to be detected. Specify tags and engraving (if required). Owners Manuals & Tag Part Numbers

3. (See Step 8 *) Select spare parts. See table below.

4. (See Step 9 *) Choose a calibration kit and a gas for each different type of gas to be detected.  Calibration Part Numbers

Recommended Spare Parts for Controller Based Systems
Sensors 1 per 20 Points
Foam Splash Guard 1 per 5 Points
Calibrator 1 per 5 Points
Zero Gas cylinder 1 per 15 Points/ gas
Processor Module 1 per 20 Points
Interface Module

1 per 20 Points

SLAM 1 per 10 SLAMs
Owners Manuals 1 per system

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