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How to Specify a Delphian System

How to specify a standalone detector head 
incorporating the
SafeCAL module

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Each SafeCAL is custom programmed at the factory.  A SafeCAL order should be placed using a previously registered configuration number or the SafeCAL Configuration Form. (see Step 4)

1. (See Step 1 *) Select sensors by gas and type.  Select sensor accessories.  Are dust covers or splash guards required?
Sensor and Accessory Part Numbers

2. (See Step 2 *) Select a transmitter (by gas) and a explosion proof SafeCAL housing, one for each sensor.
Transmitter Part Numbers

3. Select a SafeCAL module that matches sensor selected. If you need relays at the sensing point, select a SLAM.
SafeCAL Part Numbers

4. The hardware is now selected. Fill out the SafeCAL Configuration Form  with the following information. The factory will preprogram the SafeCAL to be configured for the following:
a. A stand alone or digital controller (4-20mA) or an analog controller (1-5mA).
b. The desired gas
c. The correct sensor
d. The desired scale range
e. A specific concentration of calibration gas
f. Alarm trigger levels for alarm outputs (SLAM if included)

5. (See Step 7 *) Select an owners manual for each gas to be detected as well as a SafeCAL operations manual. Specify tags and engraving (if required).  Tag and Owner Manual Part Numbers

6. (See Step 8 *) Select spare parts. See table below.

7. (See Step 9 *) Order at least one SafeCAL calibrator. Choose a calibration kit and a gas cylinder for each different type of gas to be detected.  Calibration Part Numbers

8. If you would like to be able to program  SafeCALs on site, specify a SafePRO Programming Kit (p/n 363-120-01). 
It connects to the printer port of any PC.  

Recommended Spare Parts for SafeCAL Systems
Sensors 1 per 5 Points
Dust Cover 1 per 10 Points
Transmitters 1 per 20 Points
SafeCAL module 1 per 20 points
SLAM 1 per 10 SLAMs
Splash Guard 1 per 15 Points
Calibrator 1 per 15 Points
Calibration Gas cylinder 1 per 15 Points/ gas
Owners Manuals 1 per gas per system

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