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How to Specify a Delphian System

How to specify a Flexirack / Controller
Gas Monitoring System

1.(See Step 1 *) Select sensors (This step is not required for infrared detector heads). Select sensor accessories. Are dust covers or splash guards required?  Sensor Part Numbers.

2. (See Step 2 *) Select a transmitter (by gas to be sensed), one for each sensor and a remote calibration module for each transmitter (4-20mA) as well as a explosion proof housing (This step is not required for infrared detector heads). Add one remote calibration meter (4-20 mA). A remote calibration module and meter will not be needed if you are specifying a SafeCal system. Are lightning arrestors required? If so, one arrestor and another housing is needed to protect each transmitter/sensor.  Transmitter Part Numbers

3. (See Step 3 *) Select a controller (by gas to be sensed). Two controller types are available:
(a) Digital Controller (4-20mA) - this is a double unit, one controller for each of two sensor points. Each controller takes two slots in a Flexirack. A configuration form should be filled out for each sensor point or gas type.
(b) Analog Controller (1-5mA) single unit, one controller, takes up one slot in a Flexirack.
Then: Decide if Zone Alarm Modules (ZAMs) are needed. Are lightning arrestors required to protect the controllers?
Controller Part Numbers

4. (See Step 4*) Select the Flexirack mounting, either panel/rack mount or wall/enclosure mount. Consider buying a slightly larger Flexirack than you need to accommodate future expansion (specify blank front panels for the extra slots)
Flexirack Part Numbers

5. (See Step 5*) Select a power supply.  Power Supply Part Numbers

6. (See Step 6*) Select a protective enclosure such as NEMA 4X or NEMA 12 if required.  

7. (See Step 7* ) Select an owners manual for each gas category to be detected. Specify tags and engraving (if required). Owners Manuals & Tag Part Numbers

8. (See Step 8 *) Select spare parts. See table below.

9. (See Step 9 *) Choose a calibration kit and a gas for each different type of gas to be detected.  Calibration Part Numbers

Recommended Spare Parts for Controller Based Systems
Sensors 1 per 5 Points
Controller Modules 1 per 20 Points
Dust Cover 1 per 10 Points
Transmitters 1 per 20 Points
Remote Cal Module 1 per 20 Points
Remote Cal Meter 1 per 10 Points
Flame Arrestor 1 per 10 Points
Flame Arrestor Tool 1 per 20 Points
Splash Guard 1 per 15 Points
Calibration Screwdriver 1 per 15 Points
Calibration Gas cylinder 1 per 15 Points/ gas
Static Calibration Chamber 1 per 20 Points
Calibration Adaptor

 1 per 20 Points

Owners Manuals 1 per gas per system
If SafeCAL is chosen see SafeCAL for spare parts

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